October 11, 2021

BriSTAR Immunotech Limited completed the round B financing of more than 200 million Yuan: Accelerating the Development of Innovative Cell Therapy Drugs for Meeting the Clinical Needs of the Patients with Advanced Cancer

On October 11, 2021, BriSTAR Immunotech Limited announces that it has completed round B financing of more than RMB 200million in Beijing, China. This round of financing was led by the China Growth Capital, along with the Vertex Venture Holdings, the Highlight Capital, the Daoyuan Capital, the Fenghai Capital, the Guangzhou Sanheyue, and was supported by additional investment of old shareholders such as the Hankang Capital, the VStar Capital, the Sangel Capital, and the Beijing Changping Science Park Development Co., Ltd. In addition, the Start Point Advisors acted as the exclusive financial adviser of this transaction. The funds raised in this round will be used for clinical trials of the company's dual target hematoma STAR-T project, and the development and clinical research of solid tumor STAR-T pipelines, as well as industrialization.

Founded in 2018 by Professor Lin Xin, an internationally renowned molecular immunologist, Bristar Immunotech Limited has made many technological breakthroughs in the field of innovative T-cell immunotherapy. In 2014, Professor Lin Xin, who served as endowed professor and director of the Tumor Biology Program at MD Anderson Cancer Center in the United States, was attracted back to Bristar Immunotech Limited as director of the Department of Basic Medicine of Tsinghua University. In addition, Lin Xin was employed as chair professor of Changjiang Scholars of the Ministry of Education and a national high-level talent introduction expert. The scientific research group led by Professor Lin Xin continued the basic research of T cell immunology, vigorously converted research results into clinical practice, and developed new cell therapy methods, to achieve good clinical results, bringing the hope of cure to the patients with cancer, and incorporated the scientific ideal of "scientific and technological innovation to overcome cancer" into the development vision of Bristar Immunotech Limited.

Dr. Xueqiang Zhao, the co-founder of Bristar Immunotech Limited, expresses:
"relying on the unique STAR-T and enTCR-T technology platforms, Bristar Immunotech Limited has established diversified product pipelines targeting various indications such as blood tumors, solid tumors and viral infections. Bristar Immunotech Limited has acquired the data on excellent safety and effectiveness in the preliminary phase IIT clinical research, and has won the recognition from the Science Translational Medicine, an international authoritative journal and the annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology (ASH), and is highly recognized by the European Hematology Association (EHA). The company has received strong supports from medical industry, academic circle, industry, government authorities, professional media since it founding more than three years ago. At present, the company is proactively promoting the industrialization of innovative products to develop cell drugs that benefit patients as soon as possible. In particular, I would like to thank all new and old investors for their recognitions and trusts in Bristar Immunotech Limited. We will live up to your sincere trusts and create the future along with you."

Xiong Weiming, a partner of the Growth Capital, says:
"The global tumor market has a huge space, and there are huge unmet clinical needs. Cell therapies such as CART-T and TCR-T are important trends of the future immunotherapy. We highly recognize the two independent intellectual property technology platforms of Bristar Immunotech Limited, such as STAR-T and enTCR-T. The STAR structure maintains the natural structure of T cell receptor to the greatest extent, showing great potential for the treatment of solid tumor, with the advantage of natural double-target, which will open up the new era of T cell immunotherapy. EnTCR-T breaks through the difficulties of acquiring specific functional sequences which the conventional TCR-T is difficult to overcome, and realizes the engineering and industrialization of TCR-T cell therapy. By relying on Professor Lin Xin, a famous immunologist, Bristar Immunotech Limited has cooperated with Tsinghua University School of Medicine in R & D to continuously output innovative R & D achievements. Dr. Zhao Xueqiang is not only an expert in the field, but is also equipped with strong management ability. The core team has rich experience, strong execution and rich clinical resources. The Growth Capital is very honored to join Bristar Immunotech Limited in this round of fund financing, and works with the company to develop a "new generation" of globally innovative cell therapy drugs based on the technology platform and IP advantages, to benefit patients and to explore the path of globalization of Bristar Immunotech Limited's innovative drugs. "

Yuan Jianwei, a partner of the Vertex Venture Holdings, says:
"Cell therapy is a major milestone in the evolution of the pharmaceutical industry from small molecules to biological drugs, and is one of the programs that the Vertex Venture Holdings focuses on. While making significant progress, cell therapy still faces many bottlenecks, and the breakthrough of innovative scientific research is required to be made. Bristar Immunotech Limited has world-class immunology R & D strength under the leadership of Professor Lin Xin from Tsinghua University School of Medicine. We attach great importance to the close-loop development ability of Professor Lin Xin and Bristar Immunotech Limited in mutual cooperation and rapid upgrades of clinical researches, so that the product pipelines of Bristar Immunotech Limited are endowed with strong vitality and innovation. Dr. Zhao Xueqiang masters three aspects such as technology, operation and capital simultaneously during scientific research industrialization of the company. He is a rare inter-disciplinary talent. The Vertex Venture Holdings is very honored to provide services for such scientists and enterprises. Scientific industrialization is a national strategy for Bristar Immunotech Limited to innovate and to develop, and to break the technological monopoly. The Vertex Venture Holdings is willing to work with more domestic academic talents to promote the great practice of Bristar Immunotech Limited's independent innovation. "

Jin Ming, a partner of the Hankang Capital, expresses:
"As a new type of drug, living cells have demonstrated remarkable curative effects for the treatment of blood tumors, which sets a highly potential rend in new drug research and development. In the future, small molecule drugs and antibody drugs will gradually become an important force in the industry of innovative drugs. Through in-depth research, the Hankang Capital believes that if CART-T and TCR-T cell therapy drugs make a breakthrough in the treatment of solid tumors, they will further expand the clinical application of cell therapy, accelerate the industrial application of cell therapy, and open up the potential market space of cell therapy. With accumulated academic experience in the field of immune researches for many years, Professor Lin Xin and Dr. Zhao Xueqiang, the founders of Bristar Immunotech Limited, have innovatively developed the bottom-up innovative STAR-T structure, which has been preliminarily confirmed by clinical application that it has the potential in the treatment of solid tumors. As an early investor of Bristar Immunotech Limited, the Hankang Capital is delighted to witness the transformation of the founding team from excellent scientist members to entrepreneur members with efficient executive force. The Hankang Capital expects to work with the founding team and new investors to promote safe and effective cell therapy products to benefit patients as soon as possible, and the company will become a leading cell therapy enterprise in China to participate in the international competition."

Fu Jia, managing director of the Start Point Advisors, says:
"We are very delighted to support this round of financing for Bristar Immunotech Limited. Bristar Immunotech Limited is a rare cell therapy enterprise in China that truly breaks through the bottom patent of CART-T and is competent in original innovation. By relying on the world-class immunology R & D strength of the team led by Professor Lin Xin, and the industrialization operation of scientific researches and management of the team headed by Dr. Zhao, as well as the excellent CMC industrialization of cell products and clinical medicine development strength, Bristar Immunotech Limited is working hard and striving to become an innovative example of “In China for Global”. It is believed that with the aid of capital, Bristar Immunotech Limited will make greater breakthroughs and become a leading enterprise in the field of cell therapy in China. "

About BriSTARImmunotech Limited
Starting from meeting the urgent met medical needs, BriSTAR Immunotech Limited is an innovative drug research and development enterprise focusing on the field of cellular immunotherapy and aims at the development and commercialization of the products for the treatment of various diseases. Founded in March, 2018 under the leadership of Professor Lin Xin, a famous immunologist, the company has established two unique technology platforms, i.e., STAR-T and enTCR-T, as well as mature industrialization platforms for process development and quality control. At present, the company has established cooperation in more than ten “First-in-Human” clinical studies with a number of domestic first-class hospitals, and has acquired positive data on clinical safety and effectiveness. The company also sets up a high-level international team, whose members have rich experience in drug research and development, clinical development and business development.

About China Growth Capital (CGC)
Founded in 2006, China Growth Capital is mainly engaged in early investments in enterprise software, cutting-edge technology, life science, consumption upgrading and other fields, and helps the enterprises that it has made investment in strategic planning, business development and team building by its rich resources and experience. At present, the RMB fund and USD fund managed by the China Growth Capital total at 8 billion Yuan, with investment scope covering Angel Investment to round C financing, and the investment amount ranges from millions of Yuan to several billion Yuan. The representative investment projects of life sciences include the Sinovation, the Singleron, the 4B Technologies, the ABM Therapeutics, the InxMed, IMMORNA, the InnovecBio, the Greatway Biotechnology, and the Iongen Therapeutics, etc.

About the Vertex Ventures
Founded in 1988, the Vertex Ventures is one of the earliest venture capital companies in Asia and a member of the Singapore Temasek Holdings. The Vertex Ventures Fund started its businesses in China since 2008, with the capital of more than 10 billion Yuan under its management. The Vertex Ventures is committed to investing in innovative enterprises with high growth, and focuses on the three fields, including innovative technology, new digital economy and medical health. The medical and health projects that the Vertex Ventures has invested include the Chipscreen Biosciences [688321.SH], the Harbour BioMed [02142.HK], the Phoenix Healthcare International Investment Limited [01515.HK] (now China Resources Medical Holdings Company Limited), the neoX Biotech, the Edge Medical Robotics, the Binhui Biotechnology, the Rejoin Medical, the Ruike Biotech, the Regor Pharmaceuticals Inc., the Inmagene Biopharmaceuticals, the Infinovo, and the AnHeart Therapeutics, etc.

About the Highlight Capital (HLC)
The Highlight Capital (HLC) is an asset management company with promoting scientific and technological innovation as its mission, and through understanding of the industry as its core competitiveness, and makes investment in key industries related to biomedicine and consumers, and creates long-term value. The Highlight Capital (HLC) manages dual currency funds in the unit of RMB and USD, and has set up sub-branches in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. So far, the Highlight Capital (HLC) has invested in more than 90 high-quality enterprises, of which more than 20 enterprises have been listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and the NASDAQ. It has made investment in the Wuxi Biologics, the Mindray Medical, the WuXi AppTec, the Smoore International, the Pharmaron, the Tigermed, the Yuwell Medical, the Sansure Biotech, the Kintor Pharm, the Brightgene Bio-Medical Technology, the Nayuki Holdings, the Baheal Medical, the Zylox-Tonbridge Medical Technology, the Chivd Chemclin Diagnostics, the Chaoju Eye Care, and the Kawin Technology, etc.

About the Hankang Capital
The Hankang Capital (formerly Shanghai Jianxin Capital) is a venture capital agency focusing on China's biomedical industry. With "pharmaceutical innovation and protecting human health" as its core values, the enterprise focuses on major diseases and major clinical needs, conducts in-depth research, makes layout for start-up companies with a first-class teams and technical platforms in advance, provides professional insights, experience and resources, and promotes them to become leaders of the industry as soon as possible. So far, the Hankang Capital has invested in projects including the Akesobio (09926.HK), the Beijing Innocare Pharma Limited (09969.HK), the Chengdu Keymed Biosciences (02162.HK), the Shenzhen Chipscreen Biosciences (688321.SH), and the Shanghai Abbisko Therapeutics (02256.HK), etc.

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