February 08, 2021

Cover Story of ASH 2020 | BriSTAR Immunotech Limited's innovative STAR-T is reported at the headlines of the Hematology News, the official journal of the American Society of Hematology

In December 2020, the 62nd annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) is held, which is the annual event of the highest standard in the field of hematology across the world, representing the world's highest academic level in this field and also bringing the most cutting-edge and exciting progress in the field of hematology across the world.

The phase I clinical study of T cell therapy, an innovative STAR technology platform jointly developed by BriSTAR Immunotech Limited and Tsinghua University, is first appeared on the international stage and becomes one of the few studies selected as the oral report at the meeting of ASH 2020.

In addition, in February 2021, the Hematology News, the official media of the American Society of Hematology, makes a front page headline and again reports the clinical research results of our STAR-T technology platform in a large space with the title of "Phase 1 STAR-T Trial Results-Feasibility, Safety, Efficacy Shown for ALL". The high attention by this authoritative professional media greatly recognizes the innovation of our independently-developed STAR-T technology platform and its clinical effect in the treatment of recurrent/ metastatic leukemia, and exhibits that our innovative STAR-T technology platform has attracted extensive attention from international experts and peers through the phase I clinical research of CD19 STAR-T products. Furthermore, it also indicates that the innovative STAR structure, which is first introduced, will be applied to more indications and has high development value in the field of cellular immunotherapy.

STAR (synthetic TCR and antigen receptor) is a new structure with T cell receptor (TCR) as the basic framework which has been functionally transformed, and is jointly developed by Bristar Immunotech Limited and Tsinghua University. This structure incorporates the advantages of both TCR-T and CART-T cell therapy: it accurately identifies and kills tumor cells by HLA-independent way, and also uses the signal pathway of endogenous TCR cascade amplification to achieve natural double-target, high efficiency and low side effects. In addition, it also features good infiltration of natural T cells to solid tumors.

Based on the STAR technology platform, we have developed CD19 STAR-T, CD19/20 STAR-T, CD19/22 STAR-T and other product pipelines for the treatment of hematoma; and we have developed GPC3 STAR-T, Claudin18.2 STAR-T and other product pipelines for the treatment of solid tumors. We will conduct clinical research successively, looking forward to more and better clinical research results.

This official press of ASH 2020 reports our STAR-T clinical research on the front page headlines again, proving that international industry experts recognize the innovative STAR structure and the clinical application potential of STAR-T cells, and we are determined to speed up our efforts and strengthen our confidence to continuously accelerate the R & D and development of double-target STAR-T cell product for the treatment of blood tumors and solid tumors.