March 09, 2020

BriSTAR Immunotech Limited successfully completes the round a financing of 45million Yuan

In January 2020, BriSTAR Immunotech Limited  successfully completes round A of financing of 45 million Yuan. This round of financing is led by the Shanghai Jianxin Equity, with joint investments by the Guanghua Venture Capital and the Zhejiang Huacheng Group. Previously, BriSTAR Immunotech Limited also received tens of millions of Yuan of early investment by the Lotus Lake Capital and the QF Capital.

Founded in March, 2018, BriSTAR Immunotech Limited focuses on the development and commercialization of cellular immunotherapy products, represented by TCR-T, for the treatment of a variety of diseases. The company has established two unique technology platforms, i.e., STAR-T and TCR-T: the STAR-T platform adopts the innovative antigen receptor complex structure with the independent intellectual property rights. Compared with traditional CAR-T products, STAR-T has the significant advantages of better effect, less side effects, and easy to develop and design multi-target, for the treatment of blood tumors, effectively improving the survival time of T cells in the body, reducing T cell depletion, and preventing against target escape and tumor recurrence. TCR-T platform focuses on the treatment of solid tumors. The company has established complete antigen epitope prediction platform, multi-HLA tetramerization preparation platform, high-throughput T cell receptor cloning, and screening and identification platform, etc. The TCR-T developed by the company has shown good therapeutic effects in clinical practices. Based on the two core technology platforms and mature industrialization platform of process development and quality control, the company has developed a lot of product pipelines and made rapid development progresses, and has launched seven registered "First in Human" clinical studies in cooperation with many hospitals, acquiring positive data on clinical safety and effectiveness. Some projects are preparing for IND.

Professor Lin Xin, the founder of BriSTAR Immunotech Limited, is a famous immunologist who has been engaged in immunological research related to T cell activation for more than 20 years. Professor Lin says, "it is the common dream of scientists engaged in basic biomedical research to convert research results into a tool for the benefit of mankind, to develop new treatment methods, to relieve the pain of the patients with cancer, to provide personalized and accurate therapy for the patients with cancer, and to leave our name in the history of conquering cancer by mankind."

Within two years since its founding, BriSTAR Immunotech Limited has set up a product development team composed of more than 40 members, attracting several professionals with rich experience in drug development. The core technicians consist of medical professionals majoring immunology or medical doctors graduated from well-known universities. The company has financed nearly 100 million Yuan of equity, and won the titles of the Zhongguancun High-Tech Enterprise, the Beijing Haidian District Germ Enterprise, the Zhongguancun Demonstration Zone Scientific and Technological Small and Micro Enterprise, and the Zhongguancun Golden Seed Enterprise, etc. The company received strong supports from the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and other relevant authorities, and established in-depth cooperation with the Cancer Immunology Laboratory of Tsinghua University.

The Shanghai Jianxin Capital, the investment institution leading this round of financing, is a professional venture capital fund enterprise in the field of biomedicine. The enterprises invested by it include the Innocare Pharma Limited, the Chipscreen Biosciences, the Akesobio, the Keymed Biosciences, the Shanghai Abbisko Therapeutics, the Huahui Health, the Eastern Biotech and other industry leaders. The Jianxin Capital, an early-stage company focusing on the treatment of major diseases and meeting major clinical needs, has set up first-class teams and platforms in advance, and provides professional insights and resources in R & D, clinical, and capital operation, etc. It won the honors of "Top 100 Venture Capital Institutions" and "Top 20 Investment Institutions in the Field of Health Care" issued by the Zero2IPO Group.

The Lotus Lake Capital, an agency leading the previous round of financing, is a professional investment management platform of Beijing Tsinghua Industrial Development and Research Institute. It focuses on the investments to high-tech and high-growth enterprises with core competitiveness in the initial and growth stages of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, covering the fields of information technology, life science and clean technology. The Lotus Lake Capital has invested in hundreds of companies and exited more than 20 companies through IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, bringing good returns for fund investors.